About Dr. Gembora

Dr. Louisa Gembora, a Clinical Psychologist, has been practising in Ontario for over 22 years. A former Director of Psychology at the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital, Dr Gembora supervised psychology personnel in the Acquired Brain Injury unit. She has also worked for Corrections Canada and has appeared in court as an expert witness in psychology regarding both criminal and medical-legal matters.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Gembora uses cognitive behavioural therapies to help her clients with stress management, relationship counselling, assertiveness and confidence coaching, and life changes and transitions.

In any given year, 13 to 14 million Canadians will experience a depressive disorder. Ninety-seven percent of those said their relationships, work, and personal lives were greatly affected. As experienced therapists, Dr. Gembora and her team can help patients recover from depressive disorders and regain happiness and fulfilment in their lives through individual counselling, group therapy, brief and long-term therapy.

Life has its changes and challenges and as humans, we all respond differently to situations.

Losing one's job or finding oneself in a different role at work or at home are very common challenges that people need to cope with and overcome in order to move forward in their lives. Through these stages of "motion", Dr. Gembora and her team offer expert guidance with stress management, relationship counselling, assertiveness training, confidence coaching, and life transitions.

Dr. Gembora's warm, empathetic personality and her passion for race car driving give her a competitive edge in the field of psychology combining her interest in people with a passion for creased performance.

In today's environment of stress and fast-paced living, there is a great opportunity to promote Dr. Gembora's passion for race car driving with her passion for helping people. Therefore, we are proposing a new theme and new creative strategy to lead the brand that Dr. Gembora and her team have already established.

Psychology in Motion ... combining people, passion and performance!